When placing the order with us you should give us the exact dimension of the shell or the roller. It sometimes happen that due to the incorrect dimensions of the Cots they slip or burst. So would suggest you to give exact dimension of the shell and roller. The following three demensions are very important in Cots.1.BRD: It is the shell on which the Cot is to be pressed on..2.FOD: It is the diameter after the cot is pressed on and grinded.3.Length: It is the length after the cot is Pressed on.

Hardness should be seen before placing the order. Company wont be responsible for any incorrect order placed.

5 to 10 percent tendency is given in Cots taking in view its hardness to be mounted on the shell. The diameter of the cot is made lower then the shell so it can fix properly on the shell and can get its grip.


The foremen who is controlling all the things needs to see wheather the grinding is being done properly or not as quality of yarn all depends on the smoothness of cots. The foremen should take notice of wheather the cot is being mounted properly or not, H.K Industries gives importance to the foremen as he has a big hand to production of quality and yarn. Preparing the Rollers.

The Rollers should be thoroughly cleaned and should be checked that they are free of oil and any kind of dirt. The non-detachable assemblies fitted with ball bearings should not be put any pressure on the ball bearings while cleaned. Use a clean cloth with any solvent to clean the Rollers.

Cots can be conveniently mounted by a hidrolic pressure machine. The machine can be supplied by H.K Industries for more information contact info@hktex.net

Grinding the Cots

The grinding stone should be dressed properly from the center and edges. There is a possibility that cot may burn that can be due to the stone you are using. Use a white aluminum oxide wheel having 60 or 80 grit and medium hardness. High Speed drawing Cots can take 15 days for the first grind while Press Fit hardness 63-75 can take 45-60 days for the first grind depending on the type of cotton and count, and further on depends on the hardness of the cot. The shell on which the cot is pressed should be checked properly wheather its clean or not, it doesnt have oil or grease on it. Adesives can be used to clear the shell. A badly ground cot can result in roller lapping and inturn may lead to yarn breaks. Yarn breaking can happen due to various problems in roving, unsuitable ring travelers, rings or tapes, humidity etc

Cots need a re-grind when you see:

1. Wear or grooving in traverse area
2. Knife cuts on surface
3. Glazing of surface which can result in loss of fibre control Finishing

After Grinding Cots are given special treatment to reduce moisture and smooth to the surface. Special equipments are there in order to complete this treatment.
If there is any thing else you want to know about aprons and Cots. Please contact us on the following e-mail

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